Sunday, October 23, 2011

Top 10 Reasons Not To Live In Florida If You Have Children

Governor Rick Scott

 Number 1 Governor Rick Scott is a crook and has not upheld his oath of office. He is the ultimate person in charge of DCF and has been made aware of the situation and has refused to investigate.

Number 2 David Wilkins has not upheld his oath of office and does not protect our children, he is not looking for changes he is looking for more money.

DCF Secretary David Wilkins

Left Robin Jensen Right Brena Slater

Number 3  is a tie to the two wonderful ladies in the picture. Robin K Jensen and Brena Slater. They claim to have the best interest of children in mind but seem to enjoy using their position of power to rip families apart.

Number 4  Judge James S Parker, a Judge and has not upheld his oath, his conflict of interest, and abuse of power is legendary.

Pam Bondi

Number 5  Pam Bondi covers up for Department Children and Families, protecting the best interest of the state not the families.

Chief Kevin Vespia

Number 6  Chief Kevin Vespia for not protecting the citizens of North Port Fl from illegal search and seizure. He swore to defend the Florida and State Constitution and last time I check both had amendments protecting citizens.

Number 7  Department Children and Families take children that do not need to be removed, place them in abusive foster care or leave children in homes where abuse is rampant. (don't believe me? Google FL DCF horror stories, be prepared to be heart broken)

Dr Sohail Punjwani
 Number 8  Sohail Punjwani,University of Karachi’s Dow Medical College, Pakistan
Crimes against children, over medicated and using drugs not approved for children in foster care and DCF in Florida, leading to the death of several children and  driving under the influence and cocaine possession. Still employed by DCF.

Number 9 Over the past six years, 41 percent of all children who died of abuse or neglect in Florida had been the subject of at least one prior contact with child protection authorities, the state Department of Health reports. The average for all other states: about 12 percent.

Carl Littlefield
 Number 10 Carl Littlefield abruptly resigned before he could testify in front of a Senate panel about a Tampa-area group home that allowed residents to have sex. He then received a new appointment "It's a newly created job for Littlefield" with  Tampa office of the Department of Children and Families. Scott appointed him to work for children.


  1. Having no experience with the legal system, I always thought that justice prevailed for the most part.
    I found out that was not at all true in Desoto county. After my wife was cheating on me for years and left,
    Judges Parker and Hall took my sons from me for no reason, gave my ex my house, my retirement
    (over a million bucks), and said i had to give her my entire paycheck going forward. They ignored the financial facts
    completely. Every lawyer I have talked to has said they had never seen such a blatant disregard for justice.
    I have no money left, so now I am faced with having to go to jail. I think a better solution is to commit
    suicide on the Sarasota County Courthouse steps, with CNN and Fox news cameras rolling. Although it may be hard
    on my sons, they dont get to see me much anyway, and at least they will know that their father took as stand
    for justice and exposed these two judges who are either corrupt or just don't care. Better to be dead than to be a
    slave to a vindictive ex and an indifferent legal system. I hope God judges them
    someday with more fairness and mercy than they have judged others.

    1. Dear Steve,

      You are not alone. There are people who have been through the same thing as you. there are people out there, like me, who care and want this nightmare of family court to end. Please contact me by email at I know people in the area, and I also am personal friends with the owner of this website. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Raquel

  2. Having my own horror story. ..with duval & st johns counties..
    Hey dig addicts/ felons have your mom adopt she gets paid and you keep your kid