Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Carl Littlefield Gets Newly Created DCF Gig After Resigning

            MARCH 31, 2011 

Gov. Rick Scott's office has found a soft landing for Carl Littlefield, their former head of the Agency of Persons with Disabilities. Littlefield abruptly resigned before he could testify in front of a Senate panel about a Tampa-area group home that allowed residents to have sex.
Sen. Ronda Storms raised questions about Littlefield's appointment, making it clear that Scott would have to battle to get him confirmed in the Senate. Instead, Littlefield resigned his $140,000 job at APD and received a $78,000-per-year gig at the Tampa office of the Department of Children and Families.
It's a newly created job for Littlefield in a year when lawmakers expect to slash thousands of state jobs from the payroll and cut benefits for the workers who remain. As director of community affairs, Littlefield will work on special projects and report to DCF Secretary David Wilkins. (Story here.)
Littlefield sent several emails to Scott's chief of staff and deputy chief of staff after he left APD. The first came six days after he resigned.

Littlefield said he couldn't remember whether he heard back from the governor's office and wouldn't elaborate how he got the DCF job. "I filled out an application," he said.
Here's his e-mails to Mike Prendergast and Jenn Ungru:
Feb. 28: Just want to check for any progress on a new assignment. My wife is a little concerned about a lapse in health insurance coverage.  After a week off I have determined that I am not quite ready for retirement. Please advise at your earliest convenience.  Thanks for your help.
March 7: I know things are about to get super busy as the legislative session beings so I felt like I should check back in to see if any progress is being made on my employment. As you know, tomorrow begins week three and I am more than ready to get ack to work. I am not confident that my new Blackberry is working correctly so please confirm that you received this message. Thanks

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