Tuesday, October 18, 2016


I am sitting here shaking my head and beating myself up for failure to do due diligence when approached by a representative by the name of Travis Lipp to change my credit card processing.
I was happy with the system I was using but always willing to upgrade to make my business more efficient and to save money on all the necessities of doing business.

Travis approached me under the guise of advertising, and I could see how he tied the credit processing in with advertising via printed coupons from the terminal but in all honesty it was credit card processing.
So he gave the pitch promising lower fees with almost identical service, there was a $15 per month fee that I would be charged but when I figured it in with the prices it was still a better deal.
Signed up and the nightmare began the first weekend we used the service, I am still in contact with the processing company, they seem to be willing to work with me at this time to cancel my services with them.
What this letter is about is Travis Lipp I have called his number, 813-417-6221 again and again, I have left text messages and ask for his assistance in figuring out the huge list of charges and fees that I was told did not exist. I have been patient and polite leaving voicemail after voicemail text after text. When he wanted my money he was far more attentive. I want to have a serious discussion about all of the fees, and late deposits that are in direct contrast to his promises.

So I am writing everyone who would be dealing with Travis Lipp to use caution and to check reviews, and not just jump in based on a friendly guy who just wants to make a living and help small business succeed.
Check out this site to get in depth information and check out Eliot Management Group and their ratings.
Once again Eliot is working with me at this time, I will update this after my account issues are resolved.
Feel free to contact me and ask more questions, and TRAVIS LIPP in Tampa Florida, Sales Representative for Eliot Management Group please contact me, return a call or text. I would love to talk with you to find out if you were misinformed by the company, or just lied to me.

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  1. What a douchbag! Do you have a pic? Where do you leave a bad review?? Go back to your old company, and cut your losses.