Thursday, September 6, 2012

Miami Beach Police Captain Arrested For Racketeering Charges

 Miami Beach Police Captain Arrested Racketeering Charges

by cbs4price
MIAMI BEACH (CBS4) - The son of a well-known Miami Beach official has been arrested on several charges, fraud and racketeering.
George Navarro Jr., a Miami Beach Police officer, was arrested Wednesday and has already bonded out of jail.
According to an arrest search, Navarro, 26, faces one count each of Racketeering, Conspiracy, Organized Fraud, and Official Misconduct. He also faces two counts each of Unlawful Subleasing of a Vehicle, Vehicle Obtained by Trick, and False Statement of Financial Condition/Identity.
His father, George Navarro Sr., was the MBPD lead homicide detective in the infamous 1997 shooting death of designer Gianni Versace at his mansion on Ocean Drive. He also investigated the suicide death of Versace's assailant Andrew Cunanan. Navarro Sr. now works as a city in another capacity

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