Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Find Out How Much We Pay Robin K Jensen Attorney Sarasota Florida For DCF

Find Out How Much We Pay Florida DCF Employees To Steal Our Children

Thanks to the Sunshine Law in Florida you can access all this information, and thanks to freedom of speech and my constitution rights I can share this.
Robin Jensen, Sarasota Attorney for DCF,hired 11/15/2002 makes  $66,999.92  works full time on annual salary. Wouldn’t life be better if this money could go to the children. It makes me sad she makes this much money to take children any way possible on tax payers money.

Left Robin K Jensen Right Brena Slater

Judge James S Parker Arcadia Florida CIRCUIT JUDGE  voted in 10/01/1975 makes  $142,177.92 and will do any thing but follow the Florida Status that were suppose to protect and are twisted to harm and destroy.
Do you think we are getting what we are paying for? Do you find it odd that we have to pay to destroy our own families? Our Florida Government, Governor Rick Scott, and Tax dollars hard at work destroying lives.


Judge James S Parker
 We are dealing with the mafia, Crooks protecting each other.

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